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South Africa is, without question, one of the most dynamic and beautiful countries in the world, and if any city epitomises that, it’s Cape Town. Our private tours are completely customisable, but we do offer standardised tours of our most popular attractions, mainly in and around Cape Town and the Western Cape to Port Elizabeth, and Johannesburg. Please browse below for an introduction to some of our tour categories.


Cape Town and Table Mountain

Cape Town

“The Jewel of Africa”, “The Fairest Cape”, “The Mother City” - Cape Town is not only an historically significant landmark in global history, it is also stunningly beautiful, and rich in heritage, art, culture, food and natural treasures. An absolute essential travel destination…



Known as “The Powerhouse of Africa”, Johannesburg, while not one of South Africa’s three capital cities, is the economic capital of Africa. This gold-rush town is now a city bustling with both material and cultural richness - the New York of Africa…

Speciality Tours

No matter your interests or tastes, Jarat tours will tend to you and tailor a stay that will provide you with the ultimate in comfort and style while offering you the experiences you are looking for. From hiking to horse-riding, biking, or birding - and much more - we’ve got you covered…